The Regenerative Garden: 80 Practical Projects for Creating a Self-sustaining Garden Ecosystem (Paperback)

The Regenerative Garden: 80 Practical Projects for Creating a Self-sustaining Garden Ecosystem By Stephanie Rose Cover Image
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Discover how to work with nature, instead of against it, by employing permaculture techniques to create a garden that is not just more beautiful and productive, but also more resilient.

While the word permaculture might sound intimidating, the principals behind it are not. The main goal of permaculture is to turn your space into a functioning ecosystem that’s less reliant on external resources and better able to sustain itself through many seasons of growth and change as it resists pests, diseases, and climate extremes. Whatever the size of your space, from a tiny patio garden to a big backyard, and whether you grow food, flowers, shrubs, trees, or a combination of all, The Regenerative Garden is here to help you become a better, more eco-conscious gardener.

Through 80 DIY projects, author Stephanie Rose of the popular website Garden Therapy introduces you to basic backyard permaculture concepts in an easy-to-follow, logical way. Each of the six chapters represents a living element of the garden, capable of playing a valuable role in its constant regeneration, including soil, water, plants, climate, ethics, and community. As you check these projects off your to-do list, you’ll find you’ve reduced your long-term work load, conserved water and other resources, turned your yard into a habitat for wildlife, and learned to grow perennial foods in creative ways.

The 80 featured projects include step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Employ intensive planting to reduce weeding and watering chores
  • Use living mulches to amend the soil
  • Build self-watering planters and wicking beds to reduce water use
  • Install a rain garden to catch runoff
  • Plant a wildlife hedge to support creatures and create a windbreak and noise buffer
  • Compost projects and systems to repurpose waste on-site
  • Make a butterfly migration station to support pollinators of all sorts

A healthy, organic, regenerative garden is a perfect example of a self-sustaining ecosystem; everything works in tandem, is intricately connected, and comes full circle to create its own never-ending cycle of life.

About the Author

Stephanie Rose is an award-winning author, freelance writer, instructor, and international speaker who aims to encourage better living through plants. Her books include Garden Alchemy and The Regenerative Garden. As a long-time student and teacher of organic gardening, permaculture design, herbalism, and natural skin care formulation, she enjoys inspiring others to learn how to grow and use plants, with a focus on regenerative practices that are green, healthy, and natural. She is a member of Garden Communicators International, the Permaculture Institute of North America, the International Herb Association, and volunteers to develop children’s gardens as a Vancouver Master Gardener. She shares stories, recipes, and projects on her inspiring website,

Praise For…

The Regenerative Garden provides an inspiring blueprint (or greenprint!) for helping gardeners map out realistic steps to take in their own garden. The ‘good, better, and even better’ scale provides actionable ways to make a difference immediately—and long-term objectives to strive for over time. I can’t wait to introduce some of these projects into my garden as I work on my own regenerative space.”—Tara Nolan, best-selling author of Raised Bed Revolution and Gardening Your Front Yard, and co-owner

“Stephanie takes a thoughtful and practical approach to presenting the concepts and principles behind regenerative gardening in a down to earth and easy to understand manner. This makes the DIY projects and methods accessible to all gardeners. She encourages you to progress, improve, and learn but not worry about being perfect in your garden. A mindset I share deeply. She takes you from soil, to sharing your gardening with your surrounding community, and all the steps in between. I’ll be adding some of her DIY projects to my gardens. The beauty of this book is that you’ll create a garden that, with time, becomes better at taking care of itself.”—Gary Pilarchik, author of The Modern Homestead Garden, founder of The Rusted Garden

“Stephanie Rose is a master weaver, connecting ourselves back into a relationship with our living world. She is one of the most committed spirits I have ever met, and The Regenerative Garden expresses her love and understanding of Nature. This book invites us to re-create ancient systems and proposes including ourselves back into the regenerative process of Mother Earth, to consider the plants as our teachers, and consequently emulate nature in our daily lives. It is an invitation to collaborate, discover our compassion, and to be generous to all that exists. We have a responsibility to practice the exchange of reciprocity and to respect our living world. My deep respect to those who dare to follow these instructions. Chi-miigwech / thank you, Stephanie, for reweaving us back to the right relationship and witness what lives with us. Deep gratitude for your commitment to lead the way.”—Lori Snyder, Métis Herbalist and educator of wild, edible, & medicinal plants at Earth Awareness Rea

“The Regenerative Garden is a fresh and approachable look at permaculture and will show you how to create a beautiful garden while embracing elements of organic principles, resourceful use of materials, and a good dash of creativity.”—Tanya Anderson, author of A Woman’s Garden and founder of

"Within each chapter are many projects that you can readily accomplish at reasonable cost and time. In fact, you might scratch your head and think….why haven’t I done that.  Do not scold yourself because with this book in hand, you can do it! Follow these permaculture suggestions and you will become a better informed and more eco-conscious gardener."George Graine, The Graine Thumb

"This is a must-need book in your gardening library."Maria Colletti, author of Terrariums: Gardens Under Glass,

"Conservation of materials, eliminating waste and a concern for introducing children to the joys of the garden are present alongside useful tips. Anyone who yearns for planting season will appreciate this book."—Connecticut Horticultural Society

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