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Learn the myths and legends behind this beloved goddess plus practices and suggestions for making Hekate part of your spiritual path.

Courtney Weber (author of Brigid and The Morrigan) offers an informed, accessible journey through the lore and history of Hekate, the ancient goddess of crossroads, ghosts, and witchcraft, and reflects on Hekate’s relevance today. Tools and techniques for incorporating this goddess into your personal journey round out the book.

Similar to her other works, Weber strikes a balance between the scholarly and the spiritual. Her exploration of Hekate combines solid research with practical, modern applications. The spiritual content is accessible to anyone with an interest in witchcraft, regardless of their faith or background.

Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of Hekate, exploring original mythology, historical context, and contemporary connotations, concluding with spells and personal rituals. The final chapter is a grimoire full of rituals, offerings, and other practices designed to help readers align themselves with this extraordinary goddess. The book also explores magickal ethics, what it means to be a witch in the twenty-first century, and best practices for successful witchcraft.

About the Author

Courtney Weber is a priestess, witch, author, and tarot adviser. She is the author of Brigid, Tarot for One, and The Morrigan, and the designer of Tarot of the Boroughs, a modern tarot deck set in New York City. She has been featured in the New York Times, Maxim, Playboy, Huffington Post, Vice, and the Thom Hartmann Show, and cohosts the podcast That Witch Life. Follow her on Instagram at @thecocowitch.

Praise For…

“Courtney Weber’s accessible workbook is a solid primer on ways to call on the well-known goddess.” 
— Publishers Weekly

“With insight growing from roots in history and tradition and a voice unafraid to share personal experience, Courtney Weber uses these keys to open the gate to the mystery that is Hekate. She is an excellent guide to help readers develop their own relationship to the Goddess of Witches as she shares her own beautiful journey with Hekate.”
— Christopher Penczak, co-founder of the Temple of Witchcraft and author of The Mighty Dead and The Outer Temple of Witchcraft

"Hekate: Goddess of the Witches is the perfect crossroads where three different roads meet: historical, mythological, and magickal. Courtney Weber preserves the rich and often confusing history of this complex multi-named, many-faced deity, while also incorporating her into a practical and modern witchcraft practice. Throughout these pages, you will learn how to connect, honor, and petition the ancient torch-bearing Titaness of witchery with beautifully crafted and soul-stirring spells and prayers."
— Mat Auryn, author of Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick, and Manifestation

"Hekate: Goddess of Witches is deeply personal, scholarly, practical, entertaining, sobering, and given as a heartfelt invitation to those that seek Hekate. It is a book for witches, those that would be witches, and for those trying to find their way back to their magick. It is a book that does not tell you what to do, but, like Hekate, it lights a torch, gives you the keys, and nudges you out to find your own way.”
— Ivo Dominguez, Jr., author of The Four Elements of the Wise and Spirit Speak

“Courtney Weber’s lovingly produced Hekate does not merely discuss the Goddess of Witches. Instead, it speaks to what her worship entails and how rewarding that worship is. This book features the words of modern priestesses as well as those from ancient sources. Hekate is found in liminal spaces: if you hear the call of the torch, the key, the dog, or the moon, you’ll learn how to answer the call within these pages.”
— Amy Blackthorn, priestess of Hekate and author of Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic

“I absolutely love this book! Courtney Weber has done an exceptional job of bringing us into the world of Hekate, Key Keeper, Goddess of the Crossroads, who opens doors, guards and protects with her black dogs! Now if I choose to work with her, I have a solid foundation upon which to build a loving, respectful and sincere relationship with her. A new way to enter into the crossroads of magick.”
— Najah Lightfoot, author of Good Juju, Mojos, Rites & Practices for the Magical Soul

“Well researched and full of personal insight, Courtney Weber delivers a haunting and powerful portrayal of Hekate for readers of all experience levels. Even after twenty-plus years of working with this beloved goddess, I found new information that I was able to add immediately to my practice and that makes this book worth its weight in gold.”
— Devin Hunter, author of The Witch’s Book of Spirits

“From ancient temples to modern altars, Hekate is a goddess whose worship has stood the test of time. In Hekate: Goddess of Witches, Courtney Weber guides us to a new crossroads where the paths of history and Courtney’s own personal experience intersect with our own. You do not have to be a witch to find the truth in these pages. Courtney’s deep devotion to Hekate and her “sacred casual” writing style make this sometimes intimidating and elusive goddess accessible to us all.” 
— Melody Wingfield, creator of The WitchQueen Project podcast and author of The Underworld Chronicles

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ISBN: 9781578637164
ISBN-10: 1578637163
Publisher: Weiser Books
Publication Date: August 1st, 2021
Pages: 224
Language: English

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